Deondre Wolf

Deondre Ware-Wolf

Plan ~ Grow ~ Learn

Position: LB
Height: 6'0
Weight: 225
Player Number: 41

School or Occupation: Automotive Detailer and Football Coach

Years of football experience: 4 years football experience

Get To Know Deondre Ware-Wolf: Deondre Ware-Wolf is a Linebacker for the Fort Wayne Wolverines; This is his first year playing semi pro football and is happy to extended his career in football. Deondre started playing football 8th grader year at summit middle school as a Center. He then Continued his career throughout his years in high school as a defensive end and line backer for Homestead High School. Deondre Now Coaches at summit middle school for the football team and Wrestling team and plans on to pay as long as he can.

Education and Credentials or (Relevant life/work experience): Currently attending PFW for Criminal Justice, and Head Coach for wrestling and assist Coach for Football for summit middle school.

CPR certified Hazmat Certified(level 1) Blood borne pathogen Certified Kids/Toddlers with Special needs Certified(SUDS) HHS Outstanding Athlete Award 2018-2019 Prospect Athlete Award

What else can we say about Deondre: With Deondre continuing to grow and learn, he plans to open an athletic gym for athletic kids who struggle like he did trying to make it in the world and do what they love. He plans to turn young men into men and prepare them on and off the field.