Keyontae Green

Keyontae Green

I will always be a leader and willing to listen to others and yet take charge


Height: 5'9

Weight: 180

Player Number: 5

School or Occupation: Tattoo Artist

Years of football experience: 20+Years

Get To Know Keyontae:

Keyontae Green has played many positions throughout his career he has been on a state championship team at bishop Luers High School. He started his career playing metro youth football when he was 6. He thrives off of football and being able to bond with his brothers out on the field.

Education and Credentials or (Relevant life/work experience):

Full time tattoo artist

What else can we say:

Keyontae has won many MVP awards and also has been a leader He even assisted his high school team, Bishop Luers, with winning a championship.

Keyontae's  future life goal is to become an internationally known tattoo artist traveling around the world attending conventions. He wants to always be a leader and is willing to listen and learn from other applying it to his life to make positive changes in his life.