Marq Brand

Marq Brand

Training Children To Be The Future

Position: Left Tackle
Height: 6'4
Weight: 375
Player Number: 67

School or Occupation: Automotive Detailer and Football Coach

Years of football experience: 21 years playing football, 3 years coaching.

Get To Know Marq Brand: Marq Brand is a lineman, he started his football career on the defensive side playing nose tackle and was converted over to left tackle on the offensive side. Marq is attending Indiana Tech University for his MBA. He has 19 years of football experience and is excited to bring his experience and talent to the Fort Wayne Wolverines.

Marq has been a youth football coach for eight seasons and coached youth basketball for four seasons. His unique style of teaching the kids the fundamentals of both football and basketball has shown success on the playing field/court.

Education and Credentials or (Relevant life/work experience): Business Major

What else can we say about Marq Brand: Marq Brand enjoys teaching and playing football. His future goals are to pursue a career in teaching and coaching the youth in Fort Wayne community schools. Fun fact outside of working, providing, coaching, and playing; I also enjoy getting out on the diamond and playing kickball.