Michael Clark

Children Are The Future!

Position: Varies
Height: 5’6
Weight: 195
Player Number: 15

School or Occupation: Automotive Detailer and Football Coach

Years of football experience: 21 years playing football, 3 years coaching

Get To Know Jermar'Quay: Jermar’quay Brooks is a linebacker that has been playing football since 2001, he played for metro youth sports until the year 2007 and during those 6 years won 3 Super Bowls. Brooks also was a city runner up playing at Blackhawk Middle school, then going on to win 3 state championships at Bishop Luers all schools out of Fort Wayne Indiana. After playing semipro one year for the Cardinals, Brooks gain a few years of coaching experience coaching one year in Pal and two years metro youth sports.

Education and Credentials or (Relevant life/work experience): 3 Super Bowls in little league, 3 state championships in high school also team captain senior year.

What else can we say about Jermar'Quay: Jermar'Quay love kids and has two boys of my own. Football is a passion. He believes it is important to get children active and trained early.