Norman Smith Jr

Norman Smith Jr.


Position: RB
Height: 5’3
Weight: 170
Player Number: 7

School or Occupation: Welder

Years of football experience: 10 years football experience 

Get To Know Norman Smith Jr.: Norman Smith Jr is 26 years old who goes by JR/Norman. He has an incredible handsome son and a beautiful queen by his side. Things he love to do is cook, build with his family, travel, workout and be the best husband and father he can be. JR has been a welder for 2 years at Brunswick Fort Wayne Operations.


JR has been playing football since 2004. During the journey of his football career he has played middle linebacker and currently now a Running back. He attended R. Nelson Snider High School, where he was a 3 sport athlete. He finished high school playing 4 years of football, baseball, and 3 years of wrestling. A year after high school he joined the Indiana Cardinals semi pro football team. Then he adventured off playing for Indiana Wolf pack and the Allen County Lions.


This young man is blessed to be apart of this wonderful organization. He has a lot of leadership, experience, heart and positivity that he will bring to the table.

Education and Credentials or (Relevant life/work experience): Graduate from Snider High School 2012. Won 2018 Championship with Allen County Lions 2nd Place in Semi Finals with Indiana Wolf pack 2016.

What else can we say about Norman: Norman is excited for this new opportunity to play with this team.