Terry Gardiner

Terry Gardiner

Stay fit, stay in shape!

Position: WR/CB
Height: 5'10
Weight: 185
Player Number: 13

Years of football experience: 10 years

Get To Know Terry: Terry Gardiner is a Wide Receiver/Corner back. Terry has been playing football since 2009. Terry played pee wee, middle school, and 4 years of high school football. Terry Gardiner was being recruited out of high school but chose not to go. Terry Dawn received many awards from freshman year through senior year. Terry was a sectional champ twice, a regional champ once and was apart of 4 straight winning seasons. He received many individual awards as well, 2nd team all conference, 2 years and 1st team 2 years. Terry also led the state in punt return yards 2 years in a row. Terry Dawn has the record for longest punt return in school history (73 yards) and record for most interceptions in one game (4).

Education and Credentials or (Relevant life/work experience):

Four years of college experience. 

What else can we say:

Terry assisted his high school in Sectional Champs twice Regional Champs once. 2 school records. All conference all 4 years.

Terry also enjoys working out and staying in shape . He believes in maintaining a good body and staying slim.